Yu Hong history

1:the Shanghai Yuhong Culture Communication Co., Ltd. began the project in March 2010.It is formally established in July 20, 2010. It expands their business of the elevator print media in six cities of Henan Province.Respectively, Xuchang Yuhong, Luoyang Yuhong, Xinxiang Yuhong,Nanyang Yuhong,Anyang Yuhong,Jiaozuo Yuhong.

2:Shanghai Yuhong signed'Luoyang Goldfinger' acquisition agreement formally in October 29, 2010. The entire acquisition was finished completely by the end of December ,2010.In Luoyang increased of 283 parts, 793 pieces media position.

3:Shanghai Yuhong signed'Jiaozuo voyage ad' acquisition agreement formally in December 17, 2010. The entire acquisition was finished completely by the end of January, 2011.In Jiaozuo increased of 80 parts, 222 pieces media position.

4:In January 2011,Shanghai Yuhong expand the market, while exploring Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luohe, Sanmenxia, Zhumadian five cities , integrate resources of the province to provide better customer service .

5:In May 2012,Continuing to expand the market, developed Pingdingshan city, the entire province had developed 12 cities, with more than 7,000 elevators, 21,000 slots ,therefore expand the scope of branding for customers. 

6:In June 2013,Official using of the country's most advanced operating system media to improve the efficiency of back office and the accuracy of data.

7:In January 2014,Hongcheng organization has created a benchmark for the industry , all executives  held meetings in Seoul, Korea at the end of the year, and confirmed the mandate and direction in 2014.

8:February 13, 2014,Wang Yu was officially appointed as the general manager , He is responsible for the province's work of Yuhong.

9:Shanghai Yuhong adjusted the price of published cases from March 16, 2014. 

10:2014.3.7-3.16 reward outstanding team”happy European tour”  which is Yuhongyuxi of its party of 10 people.


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