Media Advantage

Media Advantage

1:Advertising environmental quality

Elevator clean environment is beneficial to enhance the good image of corporate brand, elevator print advertising is almost zero visual distance and strong visual impact, to give the audience deep impression.

2:High repetition frequency

After investigation, at least an average of 3.7 times per person per day to take the elevator up and down, the car body and decorative accessories are inevitable to break into their field of vision, nearly four times the high contact frequency make the elevator print ads in audience mind produces strong brand memory.

3:Advertising interference is low

Elevator within 1 to 3 capsules determines the limited level of the space elevator print ads can release from the interference of many other advertising.

4:Precisely targeted populations

High-grade office buildings, commercial residential apartment, upscale community focused business elite, white-collar workers and other main urban consumer groups.

5:The medium permeability higher

Directly to end-user groups, an effective solution to advertising reach, there are many businesses concern efficiency and user Readings rate, so that the related media release to achieve effective monitoring data to quantify.

6:Wide coverage

Company will conduct the elevator of the real estate in beautiful decorated , unified planning, construction and management.At present, the elevator resources has accounted for 80% of the province of high-grade office buildings, high-grade commerce-residence building, elaborate housing.

7:Stable number of groups of people to receive advertising messages


It can not be affected by the weather, environment and other external factors.It can be disseminated at any time and any place.

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