Junior partner visit to the European

 Junior partner visit to the European 

  On Early March 2014, Yu Hong-cultural team of 10 outstanding junior partner luckily has a journey to the Europe. Yu Hong-positive people, with a yearning for beauty, thankful and feel excited embarked on a four-nation European 10 days happy travel.


  The partners from the capital Beijing, go to the German financial capital - Frankfurt, stroll in the beautiful square in Rome, visited the German variety of famous buildings and City Hall, after arriving romantic fashion city - Paris, France, in the race Carolina river cruise to visit the famous Notre Dame de Paris and other grand buildings, magnificent triumph came in front of pictures of close contact with the world-famous Eiffel Tower, stroll in the luxurious elegance of the Champs Elysees, the world's largest museum visit - Louvre, Versailles Palace in France, the French shrine soul Sacre Coeur, the highest point in Paris Square so special.








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  After visiting the fashion capital, small partners went to the beautiful Swiss town of Interlaken free to wander in the streets, in what Vick on a wide street in the center of green, you can clearly looking out to the beautiful girl peaks. Jungfrau in Interlaken at two thirty kilometers south, almost half of Mount Everest, the highest peak in Europe, the Alps are called "Queen" is one of the highest peak in the Alps, the highest peak in Europe one. Jungfrau 4158 m above sea level, lie 18 kilometers, like a young girl, dressed in long hair, snow, quiet to sit in between the clouds. Whenever you green with passing this piece, you can feel the beauty of the encounter with the Jungfrau. In this picturesque town in a foreign country, completely relaxed everyone's mind.





  Then they take the famous Golden Pass Express in Switzerland, had a memorable and wonderful time - a tour of the beautiful Lake Brienz; in the beautiful snow-capped Alps, received the baptism of the soul; last ride of being called Lucerne is one of the most romantic town in Europe. Lucerne is an existing 21-century modern, more unique medieval town beauty, harmony and vitality, boat deep in the middle of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, Snow Lake is a seat exquisite small building, like a fairy tale the world in general. Calm waters of Lake Lucerne and deep, with the passage of time and changes in the light, the lake changes in different colors, bright golden, silver-white fantasy, mysterious purple. It is said that during the 70s of the last century, Lake Lucerne is a dirty, after tireless governance, and finally re-see clear. Today, clean lakes and mountains make the most beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland.




  When we still indulge in the beauty of Switzerland, gone on to Venice, Italy, from St. Mark's Church, Bridge of Sighs, to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Flowers, and then tour through Florence, to the world's smallest independent country, God Holy Land papal States - Vatican City, a tour of the world's largest church of St. Peter's Basilica, and then moved to Rome, visited the Colosseum, the Roman ruins Market, Arch of Constantine, the love ladder, Trevi Fountain etc., and finally in Rome end the  European travel!





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